Tips and tricks for promoting your business on social media

Tips and tricks for promoting your business on social media
In our previous posts, we’ve made it clear that owning a social media platform when running a business is a must these days. Social media has completely changed the rules of traditional marketing. While with the old marketing strategies, the communication was one way, on social media, customers and businesses can directly interact.
There is a wide variety of social media platforms and tools and this can be intimidating when getting started, so here are some tips for successfully engaging customers and promoting your small business through social media:
1. Choose the right social media platform – read our blog post on this topic.
2. Plan your future posts by creating a calendar for each social media platform. This way you’ll have structure and continuity in your posts, without any long absences.
3. Invite the audience to engage in discussions on different topics, by including question tabs in your stories, asking the followers to leave a comment with their point of view below your post or share a similar experience.
4. Don’t make an advertisement out of each post. The content you share must be readable and enjoyable for your audience, besides helping you sell and promote yourself. Use the one-in-seven rule, meaning that for every one promotional post, six others should be content-based.
5. Quality beats quantity. This rule works with followers also. Instead of focusing on reaching as many followers as possible, better work on building a community, finding potential customers who are interested, loyal and engaged.
6. And of course, tip number 5 also applies to the content you post on your page. Focus on providing value on your feed by offering useful, interesting and catchy content for your followers.
This is only a small part of all the tips and tricks that work on social media. You can dig deeper for the rest of them or you can save time and effort and contact us here for a customized marketing strategy for your business.

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