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How to do SEO?

For each site, we check over 150 relevant technical aspects from an SEO point of view. Through these analyzes we make sure first of all that the site is in compliance with Google’s recommendations. We also check that there aren’t any issues that may block the search engines’ access to relevant pages (crawling).

Next, we check if the search engine “understands” correctly and completely the content of the relevant pages in the website (indexing) and then we identify opportunities to increase visibility in Google’s organic results (ranking) and also in You Tube.

SEO steps

  • Complete website audit 
  • Complete website crawling
  • Internal link structure
  • Canonicalization problems
  • Website indexability
  • Identify duplicate content
  • Website data meta optimization
  • Analyze headlines
  • Sitemaps structure
  • Upload speed
  • Optimization for mobile web
  • Implement Schema.org
  • Image optimization

Does the search engine see you?

Not sure your site needs SEO?


of online experiences start with a search engine


of the links accessed by users are from the organic lists


from users focus on organic results and not on ads


of users only access websites from the first page of results

Digital Marketing Strategy
Digital Marketing Strategy

Has your website been audited?

Audit SEO

The SEO audit performed by our team includes a checklist of the site. Each strategy we design is individualized based on a detailed analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the site. The audit takes 1 week. Auditing is a first step in the SEO optimization process.

An SEO audit assures you that your site is fully benefiting from the link building strategy and also helps us identify potential issues that prevent the site from growing in the search engine’s ranking.

We help you get to the top of the search list

What follows after the audit?

A successful SEO optimization strategy can lead to increased conversions for a long time.

Together we establish the main performance indicators from the report. 

On-page SEO

On-Page SEO optimization is fundamental to get a good search engine rankinging, it is the “foundation” of any site.

Off-page SEO

The purpose of Off-Page optimization is to build brand awareness, appear as high as possible in search engines and to attract visitors from other websites.

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