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Google Ads | Facebook Ads | Bing Ads | LinkedIn Ads | Instagram Ads | YouTube Ads

Campaigns for Brand Awareness & Sales

What are the objectives of PPC campaigns?

Digital Marketing Team

Increasing your orders per leads

The pay-per-click promotional campaigns will generate visibility on the chosen advertising space, will generate traffic and increase the number of customers per leads.

The segments made available by the platforms like Google Ads, Youtube, Instagram and Facebook allow us to implement personalized promotion strategies based on niche, audiences and businesses.

Cost optimization per conversion / lead

Conversion cost optimization involves audience segmentation (new / old customers), geolocation / hourly visibility changes and segmentation on any type of device.

We can customize each type of promotion campaign with the final and well-established objective of obtaining a positive ROI (Return of Investment).

Where do we create PPC campaigns?

PPC platforms

Have you ever wondered which are the most widely used PPC platforms globally?

We have created a chart that shows you exactly that.

Google Ads
Facebook Ads
Bing Ads
Instagram Ads
Digital Marketing Strategy
Strategie Marketing

For each PPC campaign

The marketing strategy is:

1. Complete SEMrush Audit

2. We study the keywords

3. We analyze the competition

4. We do the segmentation

5. We optimize pages

6. We manage the campaign

7. We generate reports

This way we achieve results in the targeted traffic area, we reduce the costs per click and we obtain an excellent ROI.

Google Ads

Advantages of Google Ads campaigns

Google Ads is the quickest way to get leads and conversions through Paid Campaigns like Search, Display, Shopping, You Tube, Re-marketing, and Dynamic Re-targeting.

Your products or services will be displayed in Google whenever a prospective customer is interested in buying, calling, visiting the website or the physical store.

What do we do for you?

Our team outlines your strategy, creates ads and manages your campaigns.

How does it help you?

Awareness, lead generation and increased conversions.

We solve all of your websites' issues

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