Basic rules to follow when posting on social media business accounts

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Nobody needs rules or user manuals to start posting on social media in 2022. We are free to post what we please when we want to. Nonetheless, when talking about social media business accounts, it’s better to have a strategy and structure before creating the account and to keep adjusting it according to the newest trends.
Therefore, we’re here to give you a short list of basic rules when it comes to social media etiquette for business. You can thank us later.
1. Keep your social media pages and profile complete and updated. First impressions matter and are crucial sometimes when talking about online interactions, so make sure you have a professional looking profile.
2. Post regularly. In order to build an audience, you need to offer high quality content regularly. Keep them updated with your work and try to engage your followers by posting diversified, unique content.
3. Interact with your audience. Humanize your profile, share your experiences as a business and team, ask questions, reply to your followers’ comments, build connections with your audience.
4. Don’t be too needy and a spammer. Do not constantly ask for your followers’ attention, likes, shares and other kinds of reactions. This may push them away. Be strategic, you have more chances to earn new followers by posting share worthy content.
5. Don’t overreact to criticism. An ugly comment or feedback may happen to anyone. The way you respond to it matters the most. Don’t delete it, hide it or become defensive. An overreaction to criticism may go viral in a bad way. Make sure you handle it with diplomacy and kindness, apologize when necessary.
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