Instagram tips and tricks

Instagram tips and tricks
It’s a new year and we’re going back to our old concerns.
Everyone dealing with social media platforms, from marketers to businessmen, have one main common dilemma: “How to grow your audience?” Many other questions instantly pop into mind: How do I make my posts more visible?, how to reach more viewers?, how do I promote my social media account? etc.
Now we might not have the answer to all the social media puzzles, but we do know some valuable tips and tricks on how to boost your Instagram posts and grow your audience:
Always use the new features the app is offering. Every new tool on Insta rapidly becomes a trend, so make sure to use it, even if you don’t feel like a pro yet.
Add some music. Music is very important, especially for Reels. Now you can add it to your static posts too, so it’s one the app’s new features.
Add links in the first comment below your post. The app doesn’t like you “stealing” its audience by leading them to other pages. That’s why a post with a link in it won’t rank. Try putting it in a comment below instead.
Use hashtags to get discovered easier. You can also add them in the first comment, after some spare rows, having only one dot each, so that your huge list of hashtags won’t look spammy.
No matter how much you want to say through the caption of your picture, use paragraphs between ideas to make the copy easier to read.
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