How to build consumer loyalty

A loyal client is better than 3 new ones. Studies show that retaining customers is about five times cheaper than recruiting new customers, and it can support businesses even in difficult economic times.
Customer retention is essential for your business. As you acquire new customers, developing ways to ensure they stay with you and become a loyal audience to your business is crucial.
So let’s see what marketing strategies could be applied to retain your existing customers and turn them into loyal buyers:
1. Know your customers and let them know you too. Be attentive to your customers’ needs and to their lifestyle. Analyze their buying habits to offer the desired shopping experience each time. But also, let them know you by getting personal and transparent.
2. Create a loyalty program to appreciate your repeat customers. Be thankful to your loyal audience and offer them something extra for standing by. Feeling appreciated and special will convince them once again to stay loyal to your brand.
3. Stay in touch with your customers on social media. Let them be part of the creative/delivery process by sharing behind-the-scenes information or asking for their opinion and preferences.
Contact us for more valuable info on how to keep your loyal customers close or request a free audit for your business and we’ll help you establish the strategy that suits your needs.

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