Digital Marketing trends in 2023

The only constant in Digital Marketing is change. As the internet’s impact and potency grow, and so does the demand for technology, we expect that the new year will bring more changes and improvement in the digital advertising field. As advertisers, it’s important for us to stay ahead of the curve and to adapt to innovations even before they launch. So we did our homework and research to find out which will be the big Digital Marketing trends in 2023:
1. Automation tools, artificial intelligence apps and chatbots will gain more and more notoriety. These help both companies to facilitate internal processes and enhance customer experience. There are AI tools that have already been launched that answer to any question and generate the required information in no time. And with the world’s fast moving pace, these will definitely become more and more popular.
2. The Metaverse. It has been a hit in 2022, and even if its growth is slow, big brands have already announced Metaverse experiences. There’s no rush yet, but we’d still recommend to start experimenting with the Metaverse and look for opportunities for your business.
3. Video, video and more video, but keep them short. With the consumer’s attention span dropping each year, as the experts say, it’s important to catch their attention using short but dynamic content. What better way to do that than through videos? And luckily, we have just the perfect tools to create them. No doubt, TikTok and Instagram Reels will only continue to grow next year, so start being active in these formats if you haven’t done that yet.
4. Influencers will continue to influence. What was once only used by a handful of marketers, now is being used by almost every digital business. There is no wonder why, since they bring more customers, authority and income to brands. Do your research though, when choosing the right influencer for your business, to make sure they have the relevant audience for it.
5. Simple, clear, real-time messages. Customers want everything, and they want it now. Speaking about short attention spans, make sure to communicate in short, clear but bold messages to earn attention on mobile devices. Also, it’s preferable to use real-time messaging platforms, considering that they are also an excellent opportunity for data collection.
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