How to Increase Your Product Conversion Rate by 66.22% and Reduce Cost Per Acquisition by 35.91% in Just 2 Months

Personalised Strategies

What You Need to Know?

The conversion rate increased by 66.22%.

The average cost per acquisition decreased by 35.91%.

Orders in Google Ads increased by 117% in just 2 months.

  1. Context

 With 12 years of experience in the Romanian market, operating in the home & garden industry, our client faced significant challenges in managing their Google Ads campaigns, with a high average cost per acquisition (CPA) of 41.94 RON, without achieving effective results compared to Facebook. The Google Ads performance did not represent the business’s full potential, accounting for only a maximum of 27.34% of total sales. With a portfolio of over 2000 products and a seasonal business, a strategic approach was necessary to increase sales and reduce acquisition costs.

  1. Objective

We had a clearly defined goal – to increase sales in the Google channel by 25% and reduce acquisition costs by 20% in Google Ads campaigns. Basically, the client wanted to increase the number of orders from Google Ads using the same daily allocated budget because it was clear to him that there was an opportunity that was not properly exploited on Google Ads and he wanted to make the most of this platform, achieving his goals without increasing the daily allocated budget.

  1. Strategy

We implemented a personalized plan focused on campaign optimization and careful product segmentation.

We created separate Search campaigns for brand searches and key products, gaining greater control over their performance. Additionally, we used optimized keywords from the SEO campaigns, providing a crucial competitive advantage.

Cum să crești cu 66,22% Rata de Conversie a produselor tale și să reduci Costul pe Achiziție cu 35,91% în doar 2 luni

Pmax campaigns are all-in-one campaigns that run on all available Google channels: Search, Display, Video, Discovery, Gmail, Shopping and Maps. For this reason this type of campaign requires very large budgets per day and being a smart campaign it allocates the money as it wants with the tendency to take credit for the brand keywords as well, hence the need to create a separate Search campaign for the brand keywords and their exclusion from Pmax campaigns.

That is precisely why, for the Pmax campaigns, we made sure that they are exclusively oriented towards Shopping, excluding searches on Search, Display, or Video. We identified the best-performing products and grouped them into four categories:

  • Best-selling products
  • Products with the potential to become bestsellers
  • Products with clicks but no sales
  • Products without clicks and sales

Then, separate PMAX campaigns were created for each category, each with a customized budget and target. To protect the Brand Protect Search campaign, we have excluded brand keywords from all PMAX campaigns. Moreover, for optimal efficiency we added negative keywords in each of the PMAX campaigns.

Before the optimization, the daily budget remained completely unused, but with the adjustments we made, we were able to use it in full and achieve the desired results.

Cum să crești cu 66,22% Rata de Conversie a produselor tale și să reduci Costul pe Achiziție cu 35,91% în doar 2 luni

Through concentrated efforts and implemented strategies, we significantly increased visibility rates, consistently ranking in top search results and successfully outperforming key competitors for customer attention. This strengthened the client’s position and reputation in the industry.

Cum să crești cu 66,22% Rata de Conversie a produselor tale și să reduci Costul pe Achiziție cu 35,91% în doar 2 luni
  1. Timeline
  • Account auditing + dynamic product segmentation – 4 weeks
  • Implementation of new campaigns on segmented products – 1 week
  • Optimizing the campaign to get the best results – 3 weeks
  1. Results

In just two months, the conversion rate increased by 66.22%, from 0.79% to 2.25%, while the average cost per acquisition decreased by 35.91%, from 41.94 RON to 26.88 RON.

Following the implementation of the personalized strategy, the client obtained significantly more sales from the Google channel with the same daily budget. Orders from Google Ads increased by 117%, from 838 acquisitions to 1821 acquisitions after two months of strategy implementation.

  1. Conclusion

This success story demonstrates the power of a strategic approach and a dedicated team of PPC experts.

The client achieved their goal of fully harnessing the potential of the Google platform and increasing the number of orders from this channel while reducing the average acquisition cost.

We are now preparing to conduct another test with this client, focusing on product feed segmentation on the Facebook platform. Additionally, we plan to implement a chatbot and an email marketing strategy. We will soon publish the results and how these measures further helped us reduce Cost Per Acquisition (CPA).

  1. Take-away

If you want to reduce costs per acquisition and maximize conversion rate in the shortest possible time, we are here to offer you a free audit of your Google Ads account.

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