Cart abandonment and what can be done about it

Cart abandonment and what can be done about it
If you own an e-commerce site then you know for sure how frustrating it is to deal with abandoned online shopping carts, asking yourself what you did wrong that made the customer leave your website.
So let’s see what the potential issues might be and what can be done about them:
1. Site not mobile-friendly. Nowadays more than 50% of e-commerce sales are made on mobile. This is only one of the reasons why you should invest in a mobile-friendly platform. Otherwise, your potential customer might find it difficult to shop on your site and leave his order unfinished.
2. Website performance issues and slow loading speed. This should be a priority when talking about improving your website. Nothing can be more frustrating than a slow loading site, especially for a customer with an urge to shop 😃
3. Inability to calculate total costs. Pricing is very important for any shopper, especially the online ones. Make sure to fix all possible bugs and issues regarding the calculation of the total cost and other possible fees.
4. Complicated checkout. Losing extra time at the checkout is one of the leading reasons why people abandon their online cart. So try to reduce the final steps and optimize the checkout to make it as fast and simple as possible.
5. Unattractive shopping experience. After you’ve fixed all the technical issues, don’t forget to pay attention to design and user experience as well. Shopping online is all about the visuals so if what a customer sees on your site is not convincing enough, he’ll leave with his order unfinished.
Do any of the issues listed above sound familiar? It’s good you’ve identified them, now make the next step and start fixing them. Contact us now to get an offer.

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