Best practices according to Google algorithm updates

Things are constantly changing in Digital Marketing and even SEO rules don’t stay the same.
As any self-respecting digital marketer should, we dug deeper to find out what has changed in Google’s algorithm lately and whether or not we need to change our SEO strategy.
Google’s updates are meant to help provide increasingly relevant and useful search results to users, even though they may cause drops for some pages.
So here we are, shedding light on the latest Google algorithm updates. Find some ideas below on how to improve your page content according to them.
1. Prove your know-how: Display your proficiency in the field, whether as a specialist team member, a blogger, or a member of the editorial team at a news or publishing platform.

2. Offer supporting proof: Use images, audio, or hyperlinks to strengthen the credibility of your presentation and illustrate your brand’s experience and history.

3. Share numerical metrics: Describe how the product or service measures up in different performance categories, helping readers in making knowledgeable choices.

4. Emphasize distinctive characteristics: Elaborate on what distinguishes the product or service from its competitors.

5. Be transparent: Never say or promise something your product or company can’t provide. Even if it might help on at the moment, in the future it will bring more damage to your website.

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